Berry Picking is a Labour of Love *or* What to Do with a Kajillion Huckleberries?

It’s that time of the year again. So much fun to wander around the yard in barely any clothes and pick your dessert… or pick your smoothie ingredients for the next day… or? What do you do with huckleberries?

We’ve never lived where there are so many bushes of them, so we thought we’d give it a go this year. My Love bought an actual Berry Scoop from Lee Valley, when we there earlier in the month. It’s pretty amazing. Though, it’s still a labour of love separating greenery and bugs etc from berries and storing them. We just started tonight. My Love had to climb the cherry tree ~ they are ready but super high up! I saw a raven the size of an eagle in that tree today.  Competition is tuff. It’s not even fully salmonberry or blackberry seasons yet. See blog posts this time last year. What we also have on the horizon are three kinds of apple trees and a plum tree. yippee. Missing in these photos? Strawberries ~ we ate them promptly while picking.

the berry scoop !

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Wes Anderson delivers again

Movie review! We don’t have a theatre on the island where we currently reside. So when we get off island / on mini vaca’s we take in flicks. When in Vancouver recently, we went to the movies two nights in a row. The Avengers in 3D & some forgettable Johnny Depp is a vampire this week ~movie. But tonight!? Tonight we saw a whimsical movie after my own heart. The very creative, colorful & odd Wes Anderson movie ~Moonrise Kingdom. 4.5 stars (out 5). The cast, staging, soundtrack, geography, and set up of the movie were glorious. This movie has craftsmanship. For whatever that’s worth. It ended and I had ~that head tilted to side ~ thing happening. I wanted to see it again as soon as possible. Lovely.

If you loved The Fantastic Mr. Fox, The Darjeeling, The L:ife Aquatic and The Royal Tennenbams you are in good company with Moonrise Kingdom. Just the right amount of French Music combined with just enough saturated down colours equal a delicious piece of fun. The plot could have been deeper but it really was an essential must see movie. He really loves the dioramas. This video is Bill Murray giving a set tour. So Bill. 

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baby robin eggs hatching ~ the videos

Here are the videos I have taken of the baby robin eggs hatching, in the last week. So exciting. I’m nervous for them to take flight ina couple weeks, I gotta say. These tiny iphone videos are pretty sweet. What do you think?

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Purge a thing a day ~in May

Motivated by a blog I read recently about simplifying life – she purged one thing every day for a year, I’m onto a new challenge. We seem to move annually on my birthday at the beginning of October & I’m shocked every year at how much we acquire. Buying, craigslist scores, hand me downs, thrifting etc… This year is no different. Whether we buy or rent we are moving off this sland (& moving over to the big island & 30 mins south), by October 1st!

About 4x a year, I get a big box out and label it “Sally Ann”. This month’s goal? I’m going to get rid of “a thing a day” and show you at the end of the month. I’m aiming for more than that.

Breaking news! I’m having Saturday morning coffee & blogging in bed with my love. He has agreed to join me & have his own box of 30! Whether we thrift it, Recycle, compost, give away… a thing a day (x2) is leaving.

Side confessional: there’s an annual children’s centre garage sale on this island that we attend every year. It’s May 5. I’ll behave, I swear. Mostly just hoping for record scores for my record a blog. Lol. And pottery. And art supplies. Oh go ON!

Also, I finished a book my sweety got me for Xmas:

20120428-113143.jpgIt’s full of inspiring artists & projects that are enviro friendly. Reducing, repurposing, upcycling, recycle. Great education about toxic products we are all guilty of using in our studios & recipes for healthier ones. Also of interest to me were the enviro community art projects.

If you don’t have a fabulous husband like mine who gets me great gifts.. here’s the link to ordering it for yourself: green guide for artists ~ to buy

What could you get rid of this month?
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The Big Spring

The Big Year. This was a corny movie about birders but it had some whimsey and motivated me to photograph more of the wildlife in my yard. The eagle photo essay is from Rebecca Spit Provincial Park the same day. I haven’t taken so many eagle photos since living on the Gwaii. I’m enjoying my “old” SLR these days.

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Day 3 of the new feeder up & I have hummingbirds! I haven’t caught them on film just yet. stay tuned. lol. I hung a wild bird seed feeder low on a sliding door to torment my cats. It’s working. Yeah me. I’ve placed daffodils from my yard in each of my therapy offices & in busy rooms in our house. Now the tulips and lilacs are up. Double yeah!

Have you checked out     hornby island eagles live web cam and chat click here.

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New video project. or My Love Affair with KODAK


Last week’s $5 craigslist score (delivered to my work again by the same fella I got the 100 records from last month, cool, heh?) is a reel to reel 8mm film editor. Perfect vintage and clean condition. I fired her up today and voila! I was teared up instantly, watching my brother’s first steps in 1971!! Wild stuff.
Lots to learn but I enjoy the old technology.
I have a giant ziploc of 8mm films (20+) from 1970/1980 that were taken on my late Nana’s video cameras. Thanxs to my sweety for digging them out of our storage room, I mean guest quarters, this aft.
Some of you may ask… Why not take these to a dude to put on a DVD? Well, they have been but those DVDs reside in Ontario & these are the back ups. I’m going to enjoy this process while I enjoy my record a day blog.



Here’s a WIKI section on 8mm for those (like me) that never knew before today):

The standard 8 mm (also known as regular 8) film format was developed by the Eastman Kodak company during the Great Depression and released on the market in 1932 to create a home movie format that was less expensive than 16 mm. The film spools actually contain a 16 mm film with twice as many perforations along each edge than normal 16 mm film; on its first pass through the camera, the film is only exposed along half of its width. When the first pass is complete, the camera is opened and the spools are flipped and swapped (the design of the spool hole ensures that this happens properly) and the same film is then exposed along its other edge, the edge left unexposed on the first pass. After processing, the film is split down the middle, resulting in two lengths of 8 mm film, each with a single row of perforations along one edge, thereby yielding four times as many frames from the same amount of 16 mm film — and hence the cost savings. Because of the two passes of the film, the format was sometimes called Double 8. The frame size of regular 8 mm is 4.8 mm x 3.5 mm and 1 meter of film contains 264 pictures. Normally Double 8 is filmed at 16 frames per second.

Common length film spools allowed filming of about 3 minutes to 4.5 minutes at 12, 15, 16 and 18 frames per second.

Kodak ceased sales of standard 8 mm film in the early 1990s, but continued to manufacture the film, which was sold via independent film stores. Black-and-white 8 mm film is still manufactured in the Czech Republic, and several companies buy bulk quantities of 16 mm film to make regular 8 mm by re-perforating the stock, cutting it into 25 foot (7.6 m) lengths, and collecting it into special standard 8 mm spools which they then sell. Re-perforation requires special equipment. Some specialists also produce Super 8 mm film from existing 16 mm, or even 35 mm film stock.

PS. i’m pretty sure KODAK just went bankrupt. more on that and my life long loving relationship with KODAK! 

20120310-144142.jpgClearly I’ve got some research to do. I’ll keep you all posted on my low fi adventures!



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the pleasures of peyote

Even after my weekly grounding tradition of watering all the plants (last week’s grounding was more like repotting 7 plants before seeing clients to ensure I wasn’t still upset), I find myself with a couple extra free hours in the therapy office today. Yes Kate and C that was a long run on sentence. I am labeling and filing and purging art pieces. In that process I rediscovered an unfinished beaded eagle feather. Ah, the pleasures of the peyote stitch. This must be how knitters feel. Don’t you just want to put the next bead on? You can see where it might go… and so on and so on and soooo….. I bead until the next client arrives. Yeah me, i love my job.

I’ve had a few responses from a previous post on beading eagle feathers.  Learning from another person (traditional forms ideally) is best but here’s some instructional on peyote. This man’s pattern is totally inspiring and perhaps beyond my present skills. 


It gets a tad more complicated to wrap it around the feather. As you can see in the video, gluing hyde on first helps so the beads don’t slip off. I swear the first two rows are the hardest – it takes as much time to measure out and perfect the first 2 rows as it does to complete the project. I’ll post this project when it’s complete.

Here’s a ton of patterns of things to make using the peyote stitch click here for patterns 

the scale of the feathers - they are huge!

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my little cod croquette!

I was feeling frisky in the kitchen and decided to learn a new way of using some of the frozen ziplocs of fish in our freezer – thanks to my fisherman husband. The above video is Hilarious! I went with a Greek Christmas recipe Cod Croquettes but I used Ling Cod & Snapper. I didn’t dress quite like the crazy video lady (winks to husband) but I did use her recipe. It was a lengthy process & as usual I made way too much so after dinner we were still frying croquettes. Here’s how I did it:


pan fried all the fish in butter & garlic till flakey. Made mashed potatoes with milk. Melted butter with onions, green onions & more garlic & parsley. I grated Mozzarella cheese and crumbled Feta.

20111022-093509.jpg I mixed it all together in a big pot and put in the fridge for 45 mins.


I made little balls of mixture (recipe called croquettes to be fingers but mine fell apart during frying). I dipped balls in egg whites then in a mixture of Panko & Cajun seasoned fish crisp & lemon pepper.


Then I tightened up my Martha Stewart wedding apron (from Annelli in the Saulte) and got down with some frying. I used olive oil and blue mechanics paper towels for grease drying after. Naughty bits of yummy were consumed with wine & sour cream to dip. Fisherman’s review: “they were very tasty. The lemon pepper made them zingy. They were the prefect combination of zingy & crispy. It was good”. There you have it folks! Ling Cod & Snapper Croquettes.
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Joel’s hand crafted toys on Martha Stewart Show

Made By Joel storms the big apple. One of my FAV BLOGGERS Joel ~from Made by Joel ~was just featured on the Martha Stewart Show in New York! Visit his blog to see the behind the scenes photos. Made by Joel behind the scenes @ Martha ~click here.

Joel is a stay at home, self employed, toy making, dad / crafter, who now has a published book based on creations from his blog (ps. Corey its on the top of my Xmas Wishlist with the Cloth Paper, Scissors book). His blog is very active and amazing and his toys are featured in magazines internationally (via Portland where he lives with his wife and the twins). He has tons of free printouts for everyone to use with their kids & I use them at work. The show airs November 29, 2011 for those of you who have cable. enjoy.

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art therapy ice breakers with kids

art therapy bridging school to therapy with a 8yr old

art therapy ice breakers

I was going to post a bunch a great youtube videos about occupy wall street but I think a more create post ~ a  couple of quick examples of art therapy sessions with young kids this week. This is my art. I drove by my Dad yesterday morning. I was driving to work in Courtenay and spotted my Dad walking his little doggie Abby  on the SeaWalk in Campbell River! awesome day!

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Charlie’s Angels, c’mooon!

our coffee table tray. Made by my clients for our wedding and now has my fav girl photos in it!

Cute book, now in my work waiting room.

So there I was reading (I know Kate.. I said READING) this cute girls’ book, while Wimbledon is playing for hours in the background. I’m reading this page and I literally look up and see Billy Jean King in the royal box with Kate and William. She was everything for getting womyn’s tennis more recognized as a profession. That said and all my excitement of Wimbledon aside, I am assured that womyn’s prize money is still not the same as the mens.

Girls Just wanna have fun ~ here’s the only photos I took from our Ladies Weekend up Powell Lake at Aren’s cabin in June. It ‘s so beautiful and peaceful there. Thanks Aren, Jackie and Shelley for a lovely weekend! Shelley was a true Charlie’s Angel, arriving on a float plane and Jackie acing her boat docking was also impressive. yeah girls! HUBBA BUBBA!

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I only like WILD SALMON… berries

It’s salmon berry season on the homefront and we have been busy trying to pick them faster than the birds can eat them. YUM. I love this identification video. I also found a variety of REALLY wacky stuff when researching what to MAKE with these berries. We didn’t pick enough for making booze or jam but we are loving them in our morning smoothies. 

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live video of bald eagles!

It’s that time of the year again and I always LOVE to watch the eaglets be born. Does anyone see any eggs yet?  It happens in the spring…I think they have just returned to the nest. Did you know eagles mate for life (unless one dies) and take turns sitting on the eggs? That’s what I’m talking about. Turn up your volume and I recommend full screen if you want to drive your pets nuts. thanks Kate for the annual reminder!

click here to watch LIVE bald eagle video !



Late Diva rocks big earrings

I found this video by creeping one of Corey’s friends on fbk when I should be writing reports at work.  Fantastic video – with almost 6 million views on youtube! When I think of Nina, I think of my growing LP collection that was inspired by Kate’s awesome  jazz nerd Dad, Brian. HUGS to the south shore family… may Nina keep you warm.


Art heals mental health.. so does laughter..

–Ralph and Edna were both patients in a mental hospital. One day while they were walking past the hospital swimming pool, Ralph suddenly jumped into the deep end. He sank to the bottom of the pool and stayed there. Edna promptly jumped in to save him. She swam to the bottom and pulled him out.When the Head Nurse Director became aware of Edna’s heroic act she immediately ordered her to be discharged from the hospital, as she now considered her to be mentally stable. When she went to tell Edna the news she said, ‘Edna, I have good news and bad news. The good news is you’re being discharged, since you were able to rationally respond to a crisis by jumping in and saving the life of the person you love… I have concluded that your act displays sound mindedness. The bad news is, Ralph hung himself in the bathroom with his bathrobe belt right after you saved him. I am so sorry, but he’s dead.’Edna replied, ‘He didn’t hang himself, I put him there to dry. How soon can I go home?’

(thanks to Dad for the joke)


new fav creative BLOG

Here is an amazing MAKE SOMETHING EVERY DAY project

this is from Made by Joel   CLICK HERE for Made by Joel BLOG which is a SUPER fantastic creative blog. A dad of two kids makes their toys and educational but cool stuff.  Corey loves a good wood pecker toy. We got a cool one from Coombs, last summer. Estevan tries to eat the feather. I’ll take some video footage of it someday.


I’ve been lovng watching the Hancock Sidney Eagle Nest Streaming Camera.  I guess two eggs were delivered and a raven stole one. Those naughty ravens! So one egg hatched and Kate let me know. I’m on the couch today and I can’t take my eyes off this adorable little creature!

enjoy (many more BLOG entries to come – Corey has been home and I prefer making out than computer time then)

click on this to see LIVE baby eagle in the nest in Sidney, BC.

granite bay adventures!

Beachcombing today took us up to Granite Bay on Quadra. We drove approx half an hour North on half paved ~mostly logging roads. We found some AWESOME oceanside. We explored the Walcan Fish Processing Plant and area. Then up to Granite Bay, we explored. There is a campsite, lots of wildlife – including  several really bushed cabins with full time residents… and shipwrecks. We had a picnic on adirondack chairs, in the company of a huge white goose, Canadian geese and other birdfriends. Corey did a fun dive off the government wharf  & I took a few hundred photos, as per usual. There was partial sun after that couple crazy days of storms!

I’m quite certain I’ve chosen the right guy ~ smart, adventurous, silly as all beit and we make each giggle (him) & snort (me) a LOT. We also both love dashboard hula people and times that require rubber boots.  There were several clearcuts and newly planted blocks.. BOO. Quadra is no different than other coastal rainforest logging meccas, in that there’s a buffer of lovely trees  hiding the cuts but providing excellent exploring roads. {{Corey, the Audio Visual Captain of this household – tho i am a close second.. wink* ~helped me today to understand (fingers crossed) the iMovie program and how to EXPORT and change file types so that i can post video here. Watch for SEVERAL movie uploads to come as he leaves for camp tomorrow}}.. but sadly wordpress makes you post them to iTunes first – so the site remains free.

This video was taken on the drive home, just an average view of the side of the road.                                                                         *enjoy* Happy Easter weekend.

Love the mermaid