Bacon Wrapped Corn on the Cob

That’s what I said. Is there no shame? BBQ husband extraordinaire (I’ve never touched the thing but that’s another story for another time) was handed a few items for the BBQ, when he arrived home tonight. I got the idea for this recipe from a podcast on CBC radio3 about summer and bbq’s and surf music. It was blasted all afternoon while I gardened.. see other post about today’s romp in the garden, in the sun. Then I looked it up  and found this recipe click here for foodnetwork bacon corn recipe We saw the potential for a seriously naughty yummy treat but our corn was not quite in season. It was motivation for sure, to try it again n season.


We also bbq’d up some some portobello mushrooms ~I made a garlic butter and sea salt scrub for them and marinated for 30 mins before the bbq master took them to meet their maker. I also threw together some Old Mill Cornmeal and niblet  muffins with feta~organic, gluten-free la de da. They were blah and really too wholesome without the butter, flour and milk. smerk*

PS. HAPPY 1st day of SUMMER! 

Make Something Every Day



day of the dead Mexican art piece from Barb & Terry

We did it!  We are hitched!  We took the Corey and Jen wedding show on the road and rocked 2 weddings – in Mexico and then in Alberta! Thanks soo much to great friends and loving family for all their support and hard work in making both weddings so magical for us both! Special thanks to the Myers / Drummond family for throwing us the weddings and my DAD and the Matriarch Elizabeth for making the trip out to support us. I wouldn’t change a thing or a second of those two weeks away with my sweety ~ other than maybe that frostbite cold in AB.

Photos will be posted shortly from friends and I’ll let you know how to access (some) of them. Professional photos were taken in Puerto Vallarta and will not be available for  a month. But don’t worry – I’ll gross you all out then & I promise some will be worth the wait. wink**

For TODAY I am home alone, it’s totally pouring out and Corey has already been back up north in camp for a few days. BOO. So today I start participating in the THING A DAY project, as seen over on It’s already Day 12 for most of the 800 folks that are posting something they have made every day of Feb ~but I’m sure my absence due to wedding bliss will be overlooked. I will be posting also on this site but if you’re crafty it’s a cool project to check out on their site. Making Something Every Day is a great idea to get through the Feb blues, I have tons of wedding stuff to sort/ finish  and also I joined that Pay it Forward art movement last month.

Fell free to join us and MAKE SOMETHING EVERY DAY



blogging break amidst the unpack

HUGs to Paula in K-town over this full moon time, who I now know reads my blog rants!

I’m just taking a break from unpacking. While I’m editing a video vlog (dad… a vlog= video blog entry usually posted on youtube), I thought I’d change up my theme and post the larger painting that the header photo came from. It’s one of my fav pieces from Art Therapy School and I had it posted on a red wall when I lived in Kimberley, in that heritage place with the hot tub, on Howard. You all remember the “one”.

Anyway, changed the theme in an effort to make wordpress work for me but I  find it limiting or it could just be my web skills are limited. I wanted a menu for choosing “ferry happenings” or “videos” etc but all I get are catagories and the same thin column format. I digress.


Clothing Optional Facility

warming the cabin!

I didn’t want the bloggers that read this to think I was neglectful last week .. there are LOTS of you lately.. keep commenting..I LOVE it!

WE MOVED! Internet is up but my cel seems to be not receiving at ALL. The Inernet dude was deeply disappointed when I came to the door to stop Amos barking ~ wearing my toque, polypro and chords. He said he only installs internet for clothing optional cabins. We are settling nicely into a REALLY cool littler (and cheaper! and more private!)  cabin near the ocean. Lots of unpacking, cleaning and cleaning to do. Did I mention cleaning? I’m ripping out bathroom carpet this aft (yes Corey, you read correctly). And yes, the rest of you read that correctly.. carpet in a bathroom in a 70’s wood cabin. yippee yuck. Day four and I have yet to shower ~Corey filled our portable  hot tub before we unpacked a fork ~but I fear before work tomorrow I best workshop my hygiene.

It’s been a Make Something Everyday creative week with our Wedding Invitations having gone out last week! Details and photos in a couple weeks after arrivals. And of course the art of unpacking and decorating a new place keeps me pretty excited. I’ll post lots this weekend.

BIG HUGS and a shout out to my family Matriarch Eliz (technically my cousin? or my dad’s cousin) ~as I have been email neglectful and thinking of her. HI ELIZ & LLYOD! xo I’ll email soon. BUt read lower blogs for the general gist of my busynesses! xo

Thanks again to the readers..whoever you are (including my daddsy), out in the interweb land.

Commenting only can happen if you register but that takes 2 seconds. Email me if you have questions!


VLOG from the spring… remixed.

I’d like to say that I’m one of those “creative people that BLOG or VLOG every day, as a form of their disciplined art process”.. but I’m just not. My attention span is way too short. If the sun is shining, I am outside. If my man is home, I am.. gardening. winks*. So a rash of posts come your way today, enjoy*


An earlier version aired on youtube in May. This sunny day, gave me the chance to edit most of my squealing out and bad hair.

I’m considering doing more VLOGs.. from all around Quadra. What do you think?

I’ve also recently figured out that when we search for things, say on GOOGLE or in the SEARCH window of websites such YOUtube or …. the words we use are actually called “tags” (lesson for dad).  So tracking my BLOG statistics,  I get more hits if I post common or porno ish tags. I had more than a hundred hits yesterday and 4 comments (thanks Dad & Kate). So I am doing a test of sorts for the next couple months. I’m going to randomly use TAG words & see what happens. Or posting half nudes seems to draw a crowd. Have I just cracked the code regarding  the birth of internet pornogrpahy? laughing.

Exciting stuff. I need more work. But I’m writing this off as a creative outlet for today.

enjoy my technology stumblings.


heart, me.

((Kate- is it EVERYDAY or EVERY DAY ?) lol.

VLOG blog techno fog

So apparently.. it’s like BLOG but it’s a video! Kids are so hip these days. Here’s a wee vid I took last week from the deck pour mon daddsy!

(I can’t seem to figure out how to post a video on here without posting it to youtube first)…(and video from Corey’s camera is HUGE so I have tons of small videos to figure out the tech part to.. stay tuned fellow VLOGGERS).

P.S. Dad- I’m wearing a strapless sundress, before you comment on that.