winter storm walk scores

My 13.5 year old,  young dog and I hit the beach today. What better thing to do on a dark, rainy, windy afternoon ~when the weather has basically sucked for 2 weeks? Hit the beach! Here’s some photos of what we found and where we went. Wonder what I’ll make with these? Suggestions? 

my Amos! 

Make Something Every Day


Return of the Thai Smoked Salmon tart!!!


I love it when I make something so good that it’s requested again & actually turns out JUST as good! Yesterday’s Thai Smoked Salmon Tarts rocked! See recipe below & awesome cookbook ( hi AREN! ) corey made the crust because he’s hip that way. We froze a few. We devoured the rest with awesome company that were stranded after their hunting trip ~on our island because no ferries ran, in the horrific weather. And yes Dad, we saved you two.. Or one.



Make Something Every Day

Escaping another winter… Take 2.

The sign we made for the back of the uhaul, when we moved my dad from Ontario to BC this fall read “escaping another Ontario winter”. We apologized yesterday when we popped in to his plush man condo…. This is what the last 2 days in the pacific Canadian rainforest looked like. Our yard on Quadra, specifically. 20111119-002707.jpg




20111119-002754.jpg Make Something Every Day

not in Mexico anymore.

here’s a little video of the weather in the RAINFOREST by the OCEAN…from yesterday that stuck around on Quadra til today. In Campbell River currently out my Practice window~  it’s raining snow. Boo. Why can’t we have Mexico Fiesta weather all the times? I guess, so we appreciate it when we get to travel. We’re brainstorming / planning our next trip (honeymoon) already. Suggestions?

Okay- so this is a photo (not a video..) the blog doesnt support the file type for video..and I have no clue what that even means. Sigh.

MAKE SOMETHING EVERY DAY (especially in the snow).