the Mexico Sign


the back of the sign

38 Inspiring Objects

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the MEXICO sign  was originally created for a roadtrip around The Breton trail Cape Breton, Canada. It was a cold April weekend when we set out to honour our favourite movie at the time NEWWATERFORD GIRL. I’ve mentioned it before on this BLOG and included a youtube video clip of the trailor ~ but if you haven’t seen it ~ it’s a Canadian GEM! The sign is featured in the first 5 mins of the movie. We recreated it between my best friend and I when we moved across the country from one another. Every time one of us travelled over a period of a few years, we mailed it,  took the sign and attempted to photograph it in different locations. As seen below Kate in Newfoundland and in Cape Breton. A newer version was created for my  wedding in MEXICO a year ago, next month. The original version arrived this xmas 2011 to BC, in my xmas package from Nova Scotia. Where will it go next? It’s for sure an inspiring object. Thanks Kate, love you.  


Make Something Every Day 

more Mexico wedding shots.. in addition to the 50 on FBK…

luchador (spell?) masks

Here’s some wedding photos, in addition to the facebook ones I posted last week ~ from Mexico by the professional photog PUO Photography.  I’ve got 250 professional shots, 80 from the Alberta reception and another 400 from mexico from friends. Facebook takes too long and this  website has a limit, so email if you want more! I’ll make copies available etc to those that want them and publish a book or two that Aren started for us…


the Alberta wedding reception!

Here’s a sneak peak @ some of the many wedding photos that have been rolling in (finally!) this week.

This lot is from Corey’s aunt Michelle, many thanks to her.

our wedding party ~the Drummonds

my husband and my dad!

my husband, my dad and my family matriarch Elizabeth

it's official! We did the paperwork in Alberta with Laura & Brian as witnesses.

more photos to come!


Wedding present experiments & nesting

We spent the day nesting ~ reorganizing the cabin, especially the kitchen. We Sally anned a bunch of clothes and kitchen wares & stored lots more. Much cleaner & easier to enjoy some wedding presents ie. The new dehydrator! I know, exciting right? It will be more useful in the fall for sure with drying garden herbs, veg & fruit. It’s also cool because we can make beef, salmon or turkey jerky with it!
We had some fruit about to go punk so I started banana chips, mandarins & apple slices tonight at 830pm. Stay tuned for results tomorrow!

2 kinds of FONDUE to welcome my new husband home

Last night my brand new husband of 2 weeks (when will I stop counting?) returned home from camp. He left almost immediately after our Wedding trip to Mexico & Alberta ~so I was pretty pleased to see him! We had some trouble deciding between a cheese and french bread fondue or a chocolate and fruit fondue, so obviously we got both. We drank new wine and loved it all up! I also worked on our Wedding Guest Book the other night but was so frustrated with posterous blog posting that it didn’t get posted, so here it is.

(i’m pressing PUBLISH with fingers crossed this makes it to my BLOG http://www.foundobjectbeachart.wordpress.comand over to the thing-a-day BLOG!?)
p.s. it didn’t work – you have to have a blog with them, add to their blog then you can autpost to here. boo.  It’s a learning curve for me.

soups on the woodstove for another indoor recess kind of day

Rainy weather and continued post-wedding-orange snot means more soup on the stove. Yesterday, I made another organic turkey veg soup on the woodstove. I also roasted a huge tray of garlic. Today I used this recipe:…

and created some lemon-grass, miso, cilantro, ginger, roasted garlic soup with onion & spicy italian sausage. Lemon-grass is amazing stuff. I used brown MUGI miso instead of white. It’s my first time experimenting with MISO & I think I aced it. I coupled my yummy soup with the dvd Eat Prey Love. 






day of the dead Mexican art piece from Barb & Terry

We did it!  We are hitched!  We took the Corey and Jen wedding show on the road and rocked 2 weddings – in Mexico and then in Alberta! Thanks soo much to great friends and loving family for all their support and hard work in making both weddings so magical for us both! Special thanks to the Myers / Drummond family for throwing us the weddings and my DAD and the Matriarch Elizabeth for making the trip out to support us. I wouldn’t change a thing or a second of those two weeks away with my sweety ~ other than maybe that frostbite cold in AB.

Photos will be posted shortly from friends and I’ll let you know how to access (some) of them. Professional photos were taken in Puerto Vallarta and will not be available for  a month. But don’t worry – I’ll gross you all out then & I promise some will be worth the wait. wink**

For TODAY I am home alone, it’s totally pouring out and Corey has already been back up north in camp for a few days. BOO. So today I start participating in the THING A DAY project, as seen over on It’s already Day 12 for most of the 800 folks that are posting something they have made every day of Feb ~but I’m sure my absence due to wedding bliss will be overlooked. I will be posting also on this site but if you’re crafty it’s a cool project to check out on their site. Making Something Every Day is a great idea to get through the Feb blues, I have tons of wedding stuff to sort/ finish  and also I joined that Pay it Forward art movement last month.

Fell free to join us and MAKE SOMETHING EVERY DAY



2 days til death do us part

from New Waterford Girl - filmed in Cape Breton.. one of the BEST Canadian films, ever. Watch for wedding photos involving this sign..

I’m not promising to obey him though. wink** We leave for Mexico in 2 days, followed by Alberta reception. I’m switching from a hormonal crying bundle of nerves to an excited bride to be! I get to see my Dad and the Matriarch in less than  weeks and my best friends from all over Canada in 2 days! awesome. We are off on the  fiddley bit sprint to Comox for more supplies.

(from the Blare Witch photo shoot)

Love ~bridezilla !






With the arrival of fall and a mounting number of “count downs” in our lives

– days to Mexico wedding, days to Alberta reception, days to honeymoon,

days to lose weight for wedding dress, reception AND honeymoon….

lol, we decided to cancel our cable.

Yup, we’ve been a cable-free for over a week and it’s great. More savings for honeymoon in Europe, next fall! More time for OTHER. More time to Make Something Every Day. Pretty much anything I might have wanted to watch is online anyway and this PS3 thing streams movies / internet onto Corey’s massive TV, for FREE. Speaking of FREE, we thought we’d try out Netflicks. It’s free for a month and 7.99 after. Well, the commercials say “thousands of direct streamed movies” … yet in Canada we have discovered, it’s more like “hundreds”, few from after 2009 and most major hits are not on there. Not even old Harry Potters or Twilights. I guess it has to do with Canadian content laws. Bugger that.  It is pretty cool that it’s instantly available and in HD. What IS on there are some great foreign and Indy flicks. Including HI HOW ARE YOU? The awesome Daniel Johnston movie about the musician / artist who uses Art to manage and express his Manic Depression.

GREAT flick / love his outsider art.



a sunny afternoon photoshoot

Creativity is peaking today with wedding invitations, a wedding website, save the date emails etc. MORE POSTS TO COME THIS WEEKEND, I PROMISE.

Today, I’m working from home, though it’s a challenge,

as the IS shining.

Here’s a little sunshine photoshoot with the frisky friends.


it’s World Maker Faire Day in NYC! What are YOU making?

I’m clearing my stress wedding planning head with some needed down time today, by the woodstove, mauling my pets.

(Then I’ll start crafting wedding invitation branstorm times*).

But the craft Mag BLOG is a BUZZ today with inspirations and happenings


Check out these puppies!

Beet Burgers

here’s where to find the awesome recipe to make your own!

click here for recipe link to LUCID FOOD

madmen beautiful womyn

Well for someone that has never really been a cable person (I’m a CRAFTY person!) ~ I find myself really loving the whole PVR thing. That and the 50 inch TV and other tech bobbles, that the fiance successfully nudged us into getting (nudge nudge.. he IS pretty cute).

I can’t for the life of me remember when shows are on but I do love the odd shows like MADMEN, GLEE (don’t deny yourself this show), HUNG, lately TLC wedding Friday nights. I’m pleasantly surprised at Hoarders and Obsessed, though terribly American and staged. So, the PVR is wicked. Also for taping movies on IFC and HBO, in HighDef of course. Most of these terms are new to me as well. Don’t get me started on the PS3 game thing. Though a girl does love her FOOFLES (best game ever= Happy Big Planet – did I say it right Corey? lol ~new edition out soon! ).

So lately anything on HBO HD has been pretty great but the best show going in my feminist opinion is MADMEN on AMC. I think it’s in season 3 and you can watch previous episodes for free on the AMC website to get all caught up. But you could really just start watching now. It’s won all the awards blahblah. Last week was an outstanding  peek at the pre-women’s movement when womyn were oppressed as much as Black folks were in the workforce. Peggy argued, even more so. And the hot redhead finally slept with Roger Sterling. C’mooooon. Everybody loves a hot redhead.

I love the style of this show. The clothes, especially all the furnishings.  There was that  facebook app for creating your own avatar (profile type photo)


and now this !

Winter storm weather is now here so less TV and more


(other than Sunday nights on HBO)

She Runs With Scissors

photo taken in CR, for Michele M in Montreal

A new store opened in Campbell River recently. As we drove by it yesterday, I commented to Corey that Michele in Montreal has some super funny childhood story  about running with scissors. (I haven’t actually even met her but she seems pretty awesome & assumed it was a hair salon but our  travel agent said otherwise. Today, I went up and met some really friendly, crafty  scrapbook  ladies. They  gave me great motivations for wedding invitations.

click here for their facebook page


hehe, I had a giggle when I read this post and saw this craft store name – I absolutely love it! I think every craft girl has run with scissors or had a mishap along their creative adventures…

I can blame my accident on my age (I was 6 at the time) and a case of over-excitement about crafty times.

I was in grade 1. I remember sitting at my little wooden desk/chair after having just finished a spelling test. My teacher, Ms. Howe let the class know that Mr. Linkletter from down the hall was going to join us for afternoon craft time. Oh BOY was I excited! I remember him being very patient and especially talented at folding paper oh-so-perfectly. Funny the little things we remember. So I started to excitedly get all my supplies out of my desk – glue, paper, crayons, ruler… scissors. Now maybe the rules back in the 80s weren’t so strict as now, for these scissors were quite sharp, not just for paper. With one quick, smooth motion, the scissors came from out of my little cubby desk below straight into my nostril. Needless to say, I started bleeding allll over my 80s printed gymsuit. OWWWW! and I wasn’t even running! ha, I wish I still had that gymsuit, I could have created something interesting with it…

Luckily the incident hasn’t traumatized me and I am happily crafting with glue, scissors, buttons, printed papers and more!

Thanks for thinking of me Jen. We’ll have to meet one of these days for a crafternoon xo