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“Fishing” and “whale watching”. Now that summer is here & I’ve begun participating in both activities, I’m giving the words a think.
I haven’t caught any fish while “fishing” nor have I seen any whales while “whale watching”. Yet here I am on the outside deck of the bc ferries commute from Quadra Island to my Campbell River practice/work ~ whale searching!? The sun is out. Isn’t that all that really matters? Can’t look overboard & type at the same time, while looking for whales. B-bye.

20120621-090746.jpg did you spot the whale?

Make Something Every Day

the christmas whale… ho.

BEST xmas card EVER

This photo goes with the above best ever xmas card by my friend Tigger's child. So awesome.

Make Something Every Day

169 ORCA whale photos!

My MAKE SOMETHING EVERY DAY today was 169 whale photos. I took a few from our hot tub, a few while hanging clothes on the line… I won’t bore with you with too many but you get the idea:

orange whale watching tour boats with tourists in orange survival suits is a good sign to grab the camera!

Today I heard the boat, not the blow holes, first. The boat is pointing towards the house so I run for camera and my gumboots. In my fantastic house outfit.. I storm the beach.

Also storming the beach are Gortex, hip sack wearing, non-English speaking, European tourists – crossing OUR lawn! We are all very excited, waving our arms, me half naked. lol. My neighbour downstairs slept through the whole thing, including me yelling his name, Amos barking at me yelling and pounding on his door.

There were 3 orcas at first for about 10 minutes. Longest they have hung out in one place – mind you there were  about 10 scotchmen bobbing out there, over crab and orawn traps. Salmon have been jumping here for a month or so.  Then they swam south to the trail at the end of our street and joined 3 others.

Hello orca friends. I love you.

super noisy smashing about!


of course, the whales at engagement rocks

Hope you enjoyed my share. Commentswelcomed. Now, I’m off to work!