Gourmet Pesto Quinoa stuffed chicken breasts!

 oh Julia!
Yet another reason for YouTube~ to learn how to stuff a chicken breast. I had no idea. The above was entertaining & Julia is lovely as always but below is really helpful. Especially about putting the breast in a ziploc before pounding it! Smart. 

And what is the husband and father review? 

not the prettiest after photo, but you get the idea.

Recipe came from this awesome quinoa book.

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baby robin eggs hatching ~ the videos

Here are the videos I have taken of the baby robin eggs hatching, in the last week. So exciting. I’m nervous for them to take flight ina couple weeks, I gotta say. These tiny iphone videos are pretty sweet. What do you think?

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how to peel an egg with fake nails

In an attempt to make smoked salmon deviled eggs (with feta and dill and lemon and capers),  I realized that my fancy new gel nails were not an asset. I made a delicious filling though. Lucky for me I always over estimate how much to make when I am creating, so i had a leftover bowl of goodness. I made such a bumbling mess of the whites with my nails that i thought I’d be brilliant & put them in the freezer to harden up a bit, before inserting the filling. Bad move. The sun was out, I got distracted and you can imagine the rest. I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to freeze egg whites. I filled them anyway but the sampler was a mushy mess. I’m afraid my deviled art, as seen above ~was the best thing I made today. *laughing. At least it was Culture Club day over on record blog. winks*

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Zou Bisou Bisou

MADMEN season 5 ~deliciousness! The episode we watched last night (thanks sweety for getting these) was just awesome. If you know me, you know I love the modern clean but vintage feel of this entire show. The clothes, furniture and the unravelling development of womyn’s lib in corporate America (& Canada) is fascinating. This song will be permanently embedded in your memory. You’re Welcome.

Here’s the 1962 original it was based on by Gillian Hills Interestingly the commercial beforehand is anti-Steve Harper = yeah! 

And just becasue it’s random and violent yet very creative. I found this when I first searched  for the ZOU. 

Zou Bisou Bisou…

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oh how I’ve missed you blog

Well here we meet again blog friends.. me by the woodstove with the winds howling and once again impending doom of power outage hangs over us. I’m solo, with my man at work today and possibly not even home tonight if the 80km wind gusts keep up ~ there will be no ferry home. Fingers crossed for spoons tonight with my man!    It’s been an eventful and somewhat creative while since we’ve spoken. I considered doing a V-log today but you have to pay to post videos on wordpress.com unless they are uploaded to youtube first. I digress ~ here’s what I’ve been up to.

We have been enjoying my record a day BLOG project which is now in month FOUR or twelve! It has been the soundtrack to many creative festivities around the pad, including baking. Here we baked more Theryaki smoked salmon tarts with Mr. Music maker’s help! And a one and a two and a … 

The record blog has been getting a great response and has a ton of followers. What a riot going through all different genres and styles. There’s a really romantic slowness to the vinyl process. The stink of the cover albums, the inserts, the album art. Deciding to get up to flip over to Side B. All great.

Check it out if you wish ~ just for the records BLOG 365 project

 I also made a another batch of peanut butter balls ~see my blog here for the recipe near xmas.

We had an awesome visit from my in~laws recently. Thankfully the weather was excellent FINALLY and we spent some time down at the beach. We gathered oysters and clams and then were told we couldn’t take them home (by a strange fella on the shore with no evidence but a fantastic story of  a shipping container that flipped over in the ocean and some chemicals released into the local waters).

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THING A DAY DOT COM 2012.. it’s happening!

Well, as some of you amazing followers of my BLOG may recall.. last year and the year before at this time I joined the THINGADAY.COM website’s challenge to.. duh.. make a thing every day and post it on one website with thousands of other participants. It was pretty challenging and rewarding and really inspiring to see the variety of things people come up with. It’s motivating to make something every day – as my BLOG is intended to do but sometimes I get a little lazy or run out of time with work and travel etc. BUT the idea is to re-energize crafters and I’ll be there with bells on the entire month of Feb. I’ve got a pile of dog-eared craft books and jewelry magazines ready with ideas and tons in my 

So.. you can either join me by signing up yourself  thing a day dot com 2012 click here or just checking in there to see what I’ve created ~likely under the name FIREYGODDESS. It was hosted through a site called Posterous last year which was a pain in the butt because I had to double post there & on my BLOG ~ but this year it’s on WORDPRESS (which is this blog’s site). 

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Because it’s worth it.

Still not feeling the creative bug as I ‘m back at work and trying to get rid of this flu bug. These two videos make me smile so i hope they brighten your day as well.

toenails from a man.

treats n snoozin. snoozin n treats. Oh god. i can smell his face. Read on!

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good morning moon

A really impressive full moon ferry ride from Quadra to Campbell, last week.


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the Mexico Sign


the back of the sign

38 Inspiring Objects

#6 of 38

the MEXICO sign  was originally created for a roadtrip around The Breton trail Cape Breton, Canada. It was a cold April weekend when we set out to honour our favourite movie at the time NEWWATERFORD GIRL. I’ve mentioned it before on this BLOG and included a youtube video clip of the trailor ~ but if you haven’t seen it ~ it’s a Canadian GEM! The sign is featured in the first 5 mins of the movie. We recreated it between my best friend and I when we moved across the country from one another. Every time one of us travelled over a period of a few years, we mailed it,  took the sign and attempted to photograph it in different locations. As seen below Kate in Newfoundland and in Cape Breton. A newer version was created for my  wedding in MEXICO a year ago, next month. The original version arrived this xmas 2011 to BC, in my xmas package from Nova Scotia. Where will it go next? It’s for sure an inspiring object. Thanks Kate, love you.  


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johnny cash vinyl

38 Inspiring Objects

#5 of 38


I dont mean to brag or anything but I have over 14 JC albums and still hoping for more! 


If you’d like to learn more about Johnny Cash Sundays and my records please check out my new 365 project BLOG by clicking just for the records ~another 365 project BLOG

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the pleasures of peyote

Even after my weekly grounding tradition of watering all the plants (last week’s grounding was more like repotting 7 plants before seeing clients to ensure I wasn’t still upset), I find myself with a couple extra free hours in the therapy office today. Yes Kate and C that was a long run on sentence. I am labeling and filing and purging art pieces. In that process I rediscovered an unfinished beaded eagle feather. Ah, the pleasures of the peyote stitch. This must be how knitters feel. Don’t you just want to put the next bead on? You can see where it might go… and so on and so on and soooo….. I bead until the next client arrives. Yeah me, i love my job.

I’ve had a few responses from a previous post on beading eagle feathers.  Learning from another person (traditional forms ideally) is best but here’s some instructional on peyote. This man’s pattern is totally inspiring and perhaps beyond my present skills. 


It gets a tad more complicated to wrap it around the feather. As you can see in the video, gluing hyde on first helps so the beads don’t slip off. I swear the first two rows are the hardest – it takes as much time to measure out and perfect the first 2 rows as it does to complete the project. I’ll post this project when it’s complete.

Here’s a ton of patterns of things to make using the peyote stitch click here for patterns 

the scale of the feathers - they are huge!

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my little cod croquette!

I was feeling frisky in the kitchen and decided to learn a new way of using some of the frozen ziplocs of fish in our freezer – thanks to my fisherman husband. The above video is Hilarious! I went with a Greek Christmas recipe Cod Croquettes but I used Ling Cod & Snapper. I didn’t dress quite like the crazy video lady (winks to husband) but I did use her recipe. It was a lengthy process & as usual I made way too much so after dinner we were still frying croquettes. Here’s how I did it:


pan fried all the fish in butter & garlic till flakey. Made mashed potatoes with milk. Melted butter with onions, green onions & more garlic & parsley. I grated Mozzarella cheese and crumbled Feta.

20111022-093509.jpg I mixed it all together in a big pot and put in the fridge for 45 mins.


I made little balls of mixture (recipe called croquettes to be fingers but mine fell apart during frying). I dipped balls in egg whites then in a mixture of Panko & Cajun seasoned fish crisp & lemon pepper.


Then I tightened up my Martha Stewart wedding apron (from Annelli in the Saulte) and got down with some frying. I used olive oil and blue mechanics paper towels for grease drying after. Naughty bits of yummy were consumed with wine & sour cream to dip. Fisherman’s review: “they were very tasty. The lemon pepper made them zingy. They were the prefect combination of zingy & crispy. It was good”. There you have it folks! Ling Cod & Snapper Croquettes.
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art therapy ice breakers with kids

art therapy bridging school to therapy with a 8yr old

art therapy ice breakers

I was going to post a bunch a great youtube videos about occupy wall street but I think a more create post ~ a  couple of quick examples of art therapy sessions with young kids this week. This is my art. I drove by my Dad yesterday morning. I was driving to work in Courtenay and spotted my Dad walking his little doggie Abby  on the SeaWalk in Campbell River! awesome day!

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Smoked salmon swirly bits


Check out this video on YouTube:

Smoked salmon & cream cheese swirly bits appetizer. See the youtube video for the how to. Ingredients: supposed to be lox but I used thai salmon, light herb & garlic cream cheese, sun dried tomatoe pesto, dill & corn tortillas. Took 2 mins prep & 10 mins in fridge before slicing rolls and serving. Delicious.

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I only like WILD SALMON… berries

It’s salmon berry season on the homefront and we have been busy trying to pick them faster than the birds can eat them. YUM. I love this identification video. I also found a variety of REALLY wacky stuff when researching what to MAKE with these berries. We didn’t pick enough for making booze or jam but we are loving them in our morning smoothies. 

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xo Happy Father’s Day DAD! xo


What an awesome dad you have been, especially this year ~coming to my 2nd wedding in Alberta! Thanks so much for giving me away! I’m excited about changes to come this year for us BOTH! wink. Hope you and Abby have a great day and that the fish are biting soon. XO

Your Fathers Day slash Birthday package is ready to go at this end.I was waiting for the postal strike but I think now I’ll just FedEx it on Tuesday,

so I can send parishables of the yummy kinds!

love you ~Rosey-bud.

HAPPY FATHERS DAY ~~love the team.



for the love of Salal

Some recent photos of Salal-berry jam face. Yes, I’m posting photos of my cat. Click on any of them to enlarge.


needle phobe and heavy chemicals

Today I sewed together some awesome scraps of coloured deer hide that I had hanging around the craftroom. I was motivated to make a wrist cuff but the initial feedback from the guy doing his taxes behind me in the rumpus room (& my quick agreement) was that it was a little too renaissance fair..lol. So having been inspired by others on this site, I made a needle book for my sewing needles.  It’s pretty fun ~with an amber necklace upcycle closure. And who doesn’t love to use pinking shears.

Earlier in the day, chemicals were used (possibly consumed through my skin) today in order to take off my wedding gel-nails. Mi esposso grabbed me a bottle of Acetone from the Canadian Tire. We laughed watching a few youtube videos about self gel nail removal from all sorts of girls, possibly named “Shiffonda… down at the shop”. It was crazy ~but they all suggested soaking cotton balls in the harsh chemical, placing them on each nail and covering each finger in  tin foil contraptions. I did such a thing while watching TV and about an hour later the fakeness was gone, much easier to stack wood now! 




day of the dead Mexican art piece from Barb & Terry

We did it!  We are hitched!  We took the Corey and Jen wedding show on the road and rocked 2 weddings – in Mexico and then in Alberta! Thanks soo much to great friends and loving family for all their support and hard work in making both weddings so magical for us both! Special thanks to the Myers / Drummond family for throwing us the weddings and my DAD and the Matriarch Elizabeth for making the trip out to support us. I wouldn’t change a thing or a second of those two weeks away with my sweety ~ other than maybe that frostbite cold in AB.

Photos will be posted shortly from friends and I’ll let you know how to access (some) of them. Professional photos were taken in Puerto Vallarta and will not be available for  a month. But don’t worry – I’ll gross you all out then & I promise some will be worth the wait. wink**

For TODAY I am home alone, it’s totally pouring out and Corey has already been back up north in camp for a few days. BOO. So today I start participating in the THING A DAY project, as seen over on http://www.thing-a-day.com. It’s already Day 12 for most of the 800 folks that are posting something they have made every day of Feb ~but I’m sure my absence due to wedding bliss will be overlooked. I will be posting also on this site but if you’re crafty it’s a cool project to check out on their site. Making Something Every Day is a great idea to get through the Feb blues, I have tons of wedding stuff to sort/ finish  and also I joined that Pay it Forward art movement last month.

Fell free to join us and MAKE SOMETHING EVERY DAY



thing a day dot com

I’m totally registering for this. What a GREAT use of the internet for craft. A bunch of anonymous people making stuff every day for the month of Feb and posting it on one BLOG and like me, on mine. I will register next week before I leave on my 2 week holiday (to get MARRIED in MEXICO!), then I will join a week late. If I’m totally loving the structure (doubt it by week 3), I’ll continue on for a week four. WHO IS WITH ME CRAFTERS? Suggestions of art projects always welcome, fellow crafter-nooners.

Recently, I unpacked the art book box and leafed my way through this book. After adding yellow stickies to most of the pages for “projects I want to try”.. I decided this is a winter project for me. Then the thing-a-day.com popped up on my fav CRAFT MAGAZINE BLOG (see links on the side).  Here’s also a few photos of projects I’m pretty excited about. The goal is to just make stuff and not focus on the crap weather (post Mexico) but also to use up lots of the fiddley bit supplies that I’ve been shuffling from house to house. It will coincide nicely with the viral FACEBOOK Pay It Forward Movement, that I got easily suckered into. 5 + projects to go in the mail in 2011, perhaps made from this book.

tile work - bathroom sink, bowls, table tops (also with buttons & glass), resin work


felting, fabric work, tapestries (including beach plastics & native inspired button blankets))


soap making (and lip balm & oil extracting from herbs)


weaving! (kelp baskets, upcycled materials, paper, cedar)

plastic jewelry (also LP cuffs, resin & beachcombed sculpture, mold work with clay)

Well, that’s my share. I doubt I’ll be on the BLOG very much in the next 3 weeks, other than the odd hipstomatic camera share (so fun!). So, don’t forget to go to http://www.thing-a-day.com and register Jan.21. I’ll see you on there Feb 8th ish.



puppets in sheepskin


this is pretty nuts & kind of wacky volume wise. Some anti-terrorist message on youtube that I stumbled across. He has a series of these. I didn’t know the definition of sheepskin in terms of education. What do you think?

I’ve got a growing file of youtube weirdnesses, so i’m going to figure out to put a tab on this BLOG just for a weekly video review. enjoy*



Great Blue Heron vs. Balde Eagle

Well it was actually eagle vs. eagle the other day, in the driveway,  when I started yelling “They’re mating! They’re mating!” Corey has got some serious laugh leverage off that day. Man that was loud and violent. Damn foodchain.

Anyway-I’m typing this entry from the lanai as the sun sets on a breezy but sunny Monday. Temperature today 10 degrees. We don’t get the actual  sunset here but we do get the after pink glow and that’s niiiice.  Yesterday it rained so hard your underwear would be soaked getting to the car. The day before? Full sun and 13 degrees. LOVE Spring times.

There is in fact, a massive great blue heron on the ocean edge, feeding on the oyster bed.

I’m working on a balde eagle slideshow tonight. What are other 36 year old Canadian womyn doing today, eh?  This poses several technological issues and I am home without supervision, for the week. That’s polite code for  “my hunky nerd is in camp”. iPhoto lets me create the slideshow fairly easy tho I had issues adding music to the Hukilau slideshow (click on LINK) as there was no “option to repeat song”. So the awesome Hukilau song only lasted 2 of 6 minutes.  Then I export it to Youtube (if it meets their specks & has no nudity.. cough) and that can take an entire day now. It’s soo busy! Then often, the wordpress blog post won’t allow me to use this or that file type.

So fingers crossed, wish me luck. *she glugs her wine*